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'Applause' full performance

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"Want a sugarcube?" - (x)

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Kids React to Gay Marriage (x)

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randomly remembering a joke and laughing about it to yourself

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I’ve had days like this before.

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Ryan Murphy Developing ‘Glee’ Spinoff Show For Lea Michele


Glee creator Ryan Murphy is developing a spinoff series starring Lea Michele, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

“This will be announced soon,” an insider close to the situation revealed.

“They’re making the deals now and it also presents a viable exit plan for the main Glee series itself — in that some of its core cast would also migrate to the Lea Michele project as Glee is showing signs of aging.”

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I can totally relate Bob

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Moon Moon.

I miss Moon Moon can we bring him back?

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Darren Criss - TV Guide Magazine Annual Hot List Party Held at The Emerson Theatre - Hollywood, California, United States - Monday 4th November 2013

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Grooming’s newest destination can be found right at your computer. Cofounded and carefully stocked by siblings Matthew and Madison Ruggieri, The Motley is a haven of tasteful, no–frills product. The site marries apothecary cool with in–site customer service, bringing a new type of personalization to the online shopping experience. And now they’ve found a new partner to join the team: Glee actor and performer Darren Criss.“

It was almost too obvious of a move,” says Criss,“It was really as simple as me discovering The Motley and immediately setting up a meeting with Matthew and Madison. Right away, there was a very clear sense of how valuable our combined strengths are. It’s a pretty balanced triumvirate; each partner has something very strong to offer, so we complement each other well.”

Matthew and Madison were in complete agreement when I recently caught up with them. “Darren is very involved,” says Matthew, “If we ever have a meeting with an investor and he’s on set, he’ll take ten minutes to join the call. We never thought we’d bring on a celebrity, but the partnership makes sense.” They go on to tell me about a recent conversation with Criss on the personalized notes that go out with each order, but it’s already clear that this collaboration is bringing something decidedly fresh to the world of grooming.

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